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The Tale of the Princess Ballerina ( oc x male oc)
★ Isao's P.O.V. ★ A.N. they are about to eat lunch.
" So Nana.." i said.
" Yea? " she replied.
" Why don't you ask if the white haired kid if he wants to join us for lunch?" I said
"OK." Nana got up and went to the said boy. A couple of seconds later she came back with him.
" H-h-hello. I-i am M-mochio, Y-y-yuki." The white haired boy said.
" Hello, i am Amamiya, Isao." I stand up and bow.
" Hey, i'm Shizuki, Takao." Takao said waving.
" And I am pretty sure you know Nana, especially after her introduction to the whole class." Isao said laughing.
" Yeah." Takao snickered.
" Hey." Nana said in a whiny way.
" Well why don't you take a seat and start eating?" Isao said.
"T-t-thank you." Yuki said blushing.
¥ Time Skip to the end of class. Still Isao's P.O.V  ¥
" Hey Nana!" Isao called her while getting his things together.
" Yeah?" Nana replies.
" Isn't it exciting that we get to start balley tomorrow!?" He asked walking out of the class with her.
" Yeah! I
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The Tale of the Princess Ballerina (OcxMale Oc's)
》Nana's POV《
          " Time flies by fast. Already 9 years old and in 5th grade. First day of school, again, and i'm nervous still. I do hope today will go well." Nana said to herself. As I was walking to check what  my classes are I was looking at the beautiful sky. Not knowing what was in front of me I bumped into someone and fell on my bottom.
          " Huh? Oh i'm so sorry for bumping into you I wasn't paying attention." a boy said reaching his hand out to her.
          " Oh, no it was my fault I should have been paying attention to where I was walking." I said grabbing his hand and getting pulled up.
          " Are you okay?" the boy said tilting his head to the side.
          " Oh i'm fine. Are you?" I asked him looking at him. He had black hair, dark blue eyes, and very light peach skin. He was just about five inches taller than m
:iconprincessnanaofanime:PrincessNanaofAnime 0 0
The Tale of the Princess Ballerina (OcxMale Oc's)
Continues from ch.1 part 1...
        "She is so cute when she is like that. I wish she could be my daughter. Oh! She can just marry Isao! How about it Togai?" Misaki says with excitement in her eyes.
        "They would be a good couple in the future, but I don't want to give my Nana away." Togai says.
        "Come on think about." Misaki whines
        " Well, you never know if your son will be different in the future or if Nana will love him." He says with sadness.
        " Well, your right, but why not let them always play with eachother and no doubt about that they will be in love." Misaki says with excitement looking down at Nana. Nana blushes and hides more behind Togai. "Awwwww she's blushing." Misaki said.
        "How about we let them play first and see from there?" Togai says.
        "YEA!" Misaki jumps.
:iconprincessnanaofanime:PrincessNanaofAnime 1 1
Sakura Hichio by PrincessNanaofAnime Sakura Hichio :iconprincessnanaofanime:PrincessNanaofAnime 1 1
The Tale of the Princess Ballerina (OcxMale Oc's)
Far away in a land, a baby princess was born. It was said she had a powerful magic deep inside sleeping within her. Her parents knew she would have a dangerous life, as long as the evil Kono still lived. So the King and Queen snuck out of the castle and left their daughter in front of the doors of a balley school, Salisbury Academy.
Time skip to morning~ sensei's point of view~
*yawn* "That was a good sleep" I said while stretching. *muffled cries* "Huh? What is that noise?" I said while getting up from my bed and walking to the door. The closer I got to the door the cries started to get louder. As I opened the door the cries became clear. I then recognised the cries as a baby's cry. I looked towards the center of the school and saw a baby ,covered in a blanket, in a basket. My eyes widened. I then ran towards the baby and looked around for any sign of its parents. When I saw noone around I picked up the baby and started rocking and shushing it. A while later the baby stopped crying.
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Suki Suchimura by PrincessNanaofAnime Suki Suchimura :iconprincessnanaofanime:PrincessNanaofAnime 1 0


Love Is War .Team Minato(? X reader) part 20
A hand stopped Obito's fist shocking everyone
"That's not very nice"
Obito looked up in surprise seeing a tall young male with brown hair holding his wrist. He looked like he could be a chuunin maybe even a jounin. 
"B-big brother!!!"  Arata yelled in suprise when Obito let him go
"My I'm gone for a day and you're already causing trouble Ara ."
Arata pointed angrily at Obito
"I didn't do anything Goggles started it. He was getting in the way of me being with my lady"
Obito growled and pointed back
"She is not your lady and stop calling me Goggles you brat!"
"Goggles! Goggles! Goggles!"
"Why you-
" enough! Both of you geez" 
Arata's brother looked around and spotted Minato and walked towards him
"Hello I deeply apologize for my little brother's behavior."  He glares at Arata making him shiver in fear
"I am Tomo."
Minato laughs nervously 

'Poor kid'

"I-it's OK really it's my fault for lett
:iconsanta956:Santa956 25 9
Pirate!England X Crossdressing!Reader Request
A sharp pain woke you from your forced sleep. With an audible groan, you shoot up, (e/c) eyes glaring at the source of the pain. Before you stood a taller man with a messy mop of blonde hair that fell over the bushiest set of eyebrows you had ever seen and a cat o' nine tails in his left hand. His long red coat brushed past you as he circled your bound form, bright green eyes stalking you like a shark once the scent of blood reached it's senses.
"Do you know who I am?" He asks you with a thick British accent. Of course you knew who he was. Your Captain had warned you about this man.
"Arthur Kirkland." You spit, not hiding the venom dripping off of your tongue. Arthur smirks down at you as he continues his slow, cautious circles around you. Your wrists were bound by rope behind your back and any attempt to move them shot shock waves of pain up your arms. In a panic, you suddenly look down at your torso. You let out a quiet sigh, feeling the bandages still tightly wrapped around your che
:iconchibiargentine:ChibiArgentine 135 26
In Denial (Loke x Reader) Ch 1
I still remember the day when Loke (now known as Leo, of course), Gray, Natsu, Erza, Lucy and Happy swapped bodies because Natsu was too careless and read the spell placed at the bottom of the job sheet.
"Ne~ [Name], let's go on a job~" Lucy said trying to imitate Happy.
"No." I answered coldly as I drank my mug of diet cola. I hate diet colas but it's not like I  have a choice aside from juice and water. Suddenly, the doors swung open and we could clearly see Natsu and Happy making an annoying and loud entrance.
"Gray, Lucy, [Name]! Let's go do a job!" Natsu yelled enthusiastically followed by Happy's usual phrase "Aye Sir!". Lucy and Gray went up to Natsu and I felt their stares at me.
"I'm not going." I said vaguely as Natsu approached me and roughly patted my back
"You're always like that! Come and have fun with us!" Natsu complained
"I thought you told me that you were going to do a job. Not to play or something. Plus I have enough cash for three months." I answered with a bl
:icondemonsagainstangels:DemonsAgainstAngels 130 4
Celestial Love (Loki X Reader) Fairy Tail
  "There is no way you can beat me in a fight Gray!" Natsu yelled
         "I could beat you in my sleep!" Gray yelled back
     You sighed and watched the two fight. This was their fifth fight in three days. Natsu Drageneel, the Dragon Slayer was your brother. Not by blood but when you joined Fairy Tail, you two connected. People say that you two would make a good couple, but you laughed at that. He was an amazing fighter and one of the strongest in the guild. The person he was starting a fight with was Gray Fullbuster, a ice make mage. He was a good fighter too but your money was on Natsu.
"Gray your shirt." You told him while sighing
              He looked down and quickly looked for his shirt. Gray was also known for his habit of stripping without realizing it. You rolled your eyes and saw Loki (Loke). Your eye has been on him since you joined. Sure he was a player and extremely flirtatious, but there was something about him. The bad thing is that whenever you came within 2 fe
:iconcimberla:cimberla 448 27
(Pokemon) Heart a Gold (Reader x Various) 1
((Whoever is the 'preview picture' is the 'main interest' of the chapter))
"G-Give that back!" the red head yelled as he attempted to snatch his I.D card out of your hand. You frowned a bit , dodging his attempts at getting it back.
"The correct way to get something back is to say please. Here say it with me 'Please~'." You grinned as the boy growled at you. He honestly didn't have to be so rude. He was the one that demanded to battle your Chikorita with his Cyndaquil. You won  ,end of story, but of course the asshole said a couple of angry , choice words and proceeded to bump into you , knocking his I.D to the ground.
You giggled as he continued to try and snatch his card , but you kept it out of his reach. You then noticed the boy's name on it.
'Silver eh? What a nice name.~" you thought. While you were gushing at his unique name he managed to get the card , and stepped several steps back.
You huffed as you watched him rush away from you. He was a quick one wasn't he? You smiled brie
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 199 33
A new pokemon? ( Ash X Reader X Gary Oaks) PT.1
You were walking around Pallet town, a town which you grew up in. It wasn't the nicest thing to be in, but it was your home and you would NEVER leave it. You loved it to much to be separated from it. Especially your best friends! You loved how they were just random and hilarious! The only thing that got to you was how they fight. Gary Oaks, 1 year older than you, and was your friends since you were 5. Ash Ketchum, 6 months older than you, and was your friend since you were 3 years old. You were much older now. Ten years of growth and that's what makes a pre-teen! Yes sir, you were a pre-teen/pokemon trainer on the go! You giggled as you remembered the funny moments between your two friends. How you chose your pokemon with Ash's help, and trained with Gary.
'Wonder what's next in life...'You thought before your eyelids started to shut...
:icon8anime8chick8-fornow:8anime8chick8-fornow 24 8
Sky x Time x Twilight x Reader - Fourth Triforce 1
You sat on the fence outside your house, taking in the calm air. Finally, some peace and quiet.

You sighed heavily. It's been two years since these three magically started living with you. You didn't mind half the time. Half the time, you enjoyed it. Quite a lot. But even though they're technically the same person, just from different timelines (the explanation for that, of which they never want to sit down and explain to you) they still act and argue like brothers. Who plays the oldest, you'll never know.
Twilight, as they call him, is the most calm and serious out of them all. He's not very open to new, unexplored things, when it comes to his social or personal life. He has set tastes and sticks to them very well. He's very closed off and often quiet when the situation doesn't involve him. He has a very big brother atmosphere about him, and likes to
:iconkandy0513:Kandy0513 292 41
Link X Reader - My hand?
I was so excited. Though it had only been a week I loved it here already. My father and I lived in a small little village before Castle Town. We set up a bakery in a little side ally but it was close to the back gate. Not many people knew about us here but I liked it here so far. We got to meet so many new people. Sure I missed people back home but they all wanted us to come here for my father to earn more Rupees.
I was so happy either way. Right now I was in the town center selling so bread from my basket. It was getting dark but the lights and people were out now. My father was baking more right now. There was a big festival going on in the bigger and longer road. It was the Harvest Festival so everyone was so excited and happy as they ate and danced around the huge bonfire.
Well there was until I heard a scream and everyone ran away. I stayed where I was as I was pushed down by all the people. I curled into a ball and protected myself as people flew past me. They soon died down and
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 456 83
Gaara x Reader: Meeting you Again(RQ)
   "Aren't you afraid of me?" You turned to face the young Gaara, a smile evident on your face as you noticed the faint blush of pink that dusted his cheeks as you clung onto his arm. Cheek rubbing against his arm as you giggled.
    "Why should I be? I don't see you as the demon they sealed within you. I find it people judge you just because of that thing inside you...You're actually a big softie deep inside! I'm glad I met you when I got lost in that forest!" The next moment was dipped in silence, as if the both of you were unsure of what to say. 
    "T-Thank you...for being my friend..." You laughed lightly as you heard him stutter.

    "You don't have to thank me for that! I'll be here for you forever! I promise! Even if all the odds are against us I'd definitely do my best! There's just no way that I could leave you alone again!" 


:iconeternalalice24:EternalAlice24 290 64
SebastianxReader : Forget and Forgive : Chapter 1
You had no memories of anything. Your birth? No. Your parents? No. Yourself before the age of 21? No. All gone, for an unknown reason. The first memory you have is the 1st of January, 1890, when a mysterious butler had shown up and taken over your life from then.
Being the only person you really knew, you held a unique and close relation with him. Nobody else had your sense of trust in him. Now it was 1891, nearly a full year after your memories started recording themselves. And this butler that had appeared in your life so suddenly had a secret.

~-21st December, 1889-~
This butler, this dutiful, well-known and admired butler, was not in his butler suit. Instead of in a manor, tending to a master, he had grown black, feathery wings, and wore a skintight black shiny shirt, with a contract mark in white over his hand, and long,claw like fingernails, and black skintight trousers along with high black leather boots. Black horns stuck out of his head and his ever-so alluring eyes ha
:iconmewramen:MewRamen 177 7
Sebastian X Reader: The Pirate's Daughter Ch.1

Sebastian X Reader: The Pirate’s Daughter Ch.1
There will be Swearing, pirate talk, violence and fluff. Eventually.
                I had Just pick pocketed a rich pirate at the docks of Poole Harbor. The year was 1887, and I had just turned 18 last May. I was on my way to the Baker. The only ones that noticed my actions were a spoiled brat about 12 years of age, and his butler. A tall man with raven-black locks and piercing red eyes. The boy has dark navy-blue hair and blue eyes. They observed with amusement as I push the drunken pirate into another. Of course, them being drunk, a fight broke out between the two, and I made off with all their gold, easily blending with
:icondarkened-innocence:Darkened-Innocence 316 95
Nya~? (Sebastian x Modern Neko Reader) Chapter 1
It was dark… and cold…
‘Where am I? …’ you clearly remembered being somewhere dry and warm. You tried your hardest to remember what happened. Soon the memories came flooding in; your eyes shot open in an attempt to drink every detail of your surroundings. You were lying on snow; well that explains why you were cold. As you examined your environment, you concluded that you were in a graveyard.
‘How did I get here?’ you asked yourself. Deciding that exploring would be better than freezing to death, you stretched. Out of pure instinct you licked your right paw and wiped it around your face.

You looked at your hand, or what was supposed to be your hand, to make sure your eyes weren’t deceiving you. To your shock, it was indeed a paw. A h/c paw. You shrieked and instantly began examining your entire body. You turned into a cat. After the initial panic and shock you let it sink in.
You are now y/n l/n, a cat. Congratulatio
:iconmaplemagic1245:MapleMagic1245 476 61
Sebastian-x- ShyReader: Her Gentleman, Chess Piece
:bulletred: Sebastian-x- Shy Reader: Her Gentleman, Chess Piece :bulletred: 

Lady Camilla Beatrice Riverside was a woman of divine beauty and overflowing fortune. Throughout Europe she was revered for her name and personal gifts, and all of this praise and respect was uniquely and well-earned. Having been born to a British Aristocrat family and then marrying well when she was young, the woman had made quite the reputation for herself. She was cunning and had the delicate virtues that any true lady should have, as well as a flair for authority, so she had bypassed everyone’s expectations and gone exceedingly far in terms of her social climbing and wealth.  
Her husband, the right honorable Lord Mathew Riverside had died a handful of years past from tuberculosis and Lady Camilla had never remarried. She had respected her late spouse and hadn’t found the need to chain herself to another man when she was perfectly happy and freed as she was. (It was a fact tha
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 668 164
SebastianxDemon!Reader His Princess ch 1
His Princess
Chapter One: Choosing Day
                Choosing day, the first one in centuries, was occurring today. A day where all of Hell’s unmated, maiden demons were supposed to ripen themselves in case they were chosen by one of Lucifer’s one-thousand-year-old sons. It was a tradition. All of Satan’s sons were to scan Hell on the night of their one thousandth birthday. He would choose a woman whose scent he liked and test her to see if he enjoyed her personality. If she pleased him, she would be placed back in herbed to sleep until he’d retrieve her in the morning. If she displeased him, she was killed and his search would continue for his mate.
                Unfortunately, a certain (h/c)-haired, (e/c)-eyed cat demon fell into the category of “unmated, mai
:iconforevergotenandbra:forevergotenandbra 582 76
Living with a demon Chapter 1

Chapter 1
This class will be the death of me

- " Darling, you need to get up... " said a soft voice next to your ear.
- " Aww...Let me sleep, you jerk... " you mumbled sleepily, hitting Sebastian's face.
He held his nose in a painful way while you turned so your back was facing him. Sebastian sighed desperately before sitting next to you and you took this moment to lift the cover of your bed over your face. You didn't want to get up, you were tired and you already wanted to be at the end of school. And it was only the first day.
- " Dear, you need to go to your work...Or else you will get fired " muttered Sebastian, taking off the cover hovering you before nuzzling his nose in your neck, smelling your perfume.
- " Don't care " you said stubbornly.
You took back the sheets and Sebastian pinched his nose in annoyance. Sometime, his wife could act like a child. Or a lazy butt. Or both.  He turned his gaze to the window, watching the sun coming out from the horiz
:iconsolstice-arctic-luna:Solstice-Arctic-Luna 576 88
Sebastian x Shinigami reader,Demonic love,Part1
~Your P.O.V.~
It was almost midnight and i was  walking over the roofs of London.
Looking up i saw all the stars and the moon shining in the sky.
"Looks like a perfect night..."
I was interupted by a loud scream.
When i looked around me i suddenly saw a man in red and a man in black standing a roof not so far away from me.
I already knew the man in red, his name is Grell Sutcliff.
He was a Shinigami just like me but he was a little bit different from all the others.
Grell was completelly obsessed with the color red.
He has red shoes,red hair,red glasses and now also a red coat.
"Well it was a perfect night"
I sighed and decided to go a little bit closer to watch what the crimson red Shinigami was doing.
I saw Grell on the roof with a man and down on the streets i saw a boy around 12 years old standing next to a body that was lying on the ground.
"Did he get himself in trouble again?"
I facepalmed at what i saw.
Grell was fighting with a butler?
When i looked at the man in black i saw s
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